Friday, September 12, 2014

{My Top 5 Back Pack Essentials}

I am definitely a "back pack girl". If I'm on a trip, or on a plane, and obviously to school, I have a back pack. Back packs are just so versatile when you're not trying to be fancy. These top five essentials are for both school and travel, but I always have them with me (in my book bag).

1. Paper and pen. Okay, so this is technically two things, but so important. I actually keep a sketch book/journal so that I can take notes, journal, or draw.

2. Mints or gum. This one is fairly obvious, but I chew a lot of gum. Also, when I'm hungry and have nothing to eat I can chew gum or eat a mint.

3. A pair of socks. Whether for gym class, or soggy shoes, or a cold day, socks are just good to have.

4. A granola bar. I am constantly known as the girl who is always hungry, so I like to keep some sort of un-perishable snack in my bag.

5. Sticky Notes. Sticky notes are just great for leaving notes, reminders and what not. Another thing that's just good to have.

I hope this was helpful. I'm sorry I haven't been posting the greatest things lately, but I promise I will be taking lots of pictures this weekend to have some good articles next week! Have a good weekend!

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