Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{All About Journaling}

I LOVE stationary and sticky notes and pens (and a whole lot more)! I also love writing, so when those two things got together, and made a baby (a baby I thought I should meet) called journaling, I was amazed.

I have been a pretty dedicated "journaler" since about sixth grade. I'm not a diary person at all, I don't confide any secrets in my journals and I don't keep any secret dreams in it. On the contrary, I do write a lot of poetry in it as well as opinionated writings, quotes, and creative thoughts. I also like to keep blog post ideas in it so I never run out.

Journaling is obviously something very personal and its something that you usually enjoy and love or you completely hate it. Many people also keep "a journal" as the form of a blog (I don't, I just blog for fun). Journaling doesn't always have to be a stereotypical "Dear Diary" thing. It can be so much more and its so different for everybody. One of my friends writes a lot of short stories and another writes jokes and all sorts of things, where as I keep it as a form of expression. A journal for expression isn't for everybody, sometimes a journal is just a good way to reflect on the day and take in what happened and count your blessings.

Journaling is something I really love and something you could really love too. For all I know you could hate it, but don't knock it till ya try it! Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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