Wednesday, September 3, 2014

{5 Ways to Make Your Hectic Morning Smoother}

Whether you are a student or if you have a job, you most likely have to wake up early, get where you're going, and still not look like a train wreck. So here are my top five tips for a smoother (but still hectic) morning:

5 Ways to Transform Your Morning

1. Set out your outfit and whatever make up products you're going to use, the night before. This helps so much because you can just get out of bed and everything is there.
2. As hard as it is, try to rise early everyday. This gets your internal clock on a regulated schedule making getting up early much easier later on.
3. Put all shoes, bags, lunches etc. near the door, already packed, so you don't end up forgetting something.
4. Make a checklist every night for the next day to stay on track with your schedule and be productive.
5. Make the day count. Try and put yourself in a productive and positive mind set every morning. Its just a great way to start the day. 

Most of those are just easy habits to incorporate into your daily night routine. Try and accomplish as much as you can before bed to insure an easy morning without any forgotten tasks.

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