Wednesday, September 17, 2014

{How I Organize My Agenda}

Happy Wednesday Everyone! So, I know right about now is when my schedule gets really busy and hectic and all that good stuff, so keeping track of it is really important. I have a very specific way that I like to organize my planner/agenda. Lucky for you, you can get really pretty ones and that definitely helps to motivate you to use it. My specific planner this year is from Sakroots.

In about 6th grade, I found my love for agendas. It was a really easy way to organize my life and have it all at my finger tips. It really helps once group projects start and other extra activities and meetings are so you can schedule accordingly and have all dates right there.

Just a quick mock up of what it looks like
The main things I use to organize my agenda are colored pens and sticky notes. So probably the most general thing in my agenda is the month by month calendar. I use different colors for different things: red-school projects and dates, lavender-extracurricualr activities, pink-social things, purple-birthdays, blue-blog schedule. This is definitely the most organized thing and what I use the most for reference for important dates and meetings.

Next, on the day by day (where they have like 9-10 lines for each day of the week), I keep this super organized every day. I don't necessarily use color coding (I do use color though) it is speckled with sticky notes on each day. On the actual lines is where I write my assignments, homework, and reminders for the next day, and then on the sticky note I write my timed out schedule for the day (after school) and I stick that on the next day. Then the next day, I just stick it over top of the day it was meant for.

That's really it to my agenda, its not super exciting to you, but it gets me really excited. My way might not be efficient for you, but check out some other blogs and youtube videos and kind of pick out pieces here and there to make your own system. Have a good week!

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