Friday, August 29, 2014

{The Advantages of Color-Coding Your Notes}

I am definitely what they would call a "visual learner". I usually have to have things written out or organized with color or symbols to remember things. I am also a firm believer in color coding your notes.
High liters from Target

On one hand, my notes do look a bit like a child's coloring book, but make no mistake. During class, I will take notes as usual and adding color is the way I study. Not only does adding color all over the place make studying fun for me, but it doesn't feel like studying. Over time I've realized that you really benefit from studying the day's notes for 5-10 minutes every night. So as I'm adding all this color with high liters and pens and things of that nature, I'm also reading my notes fairly thoroughly.

Some review notes I took recently
Adding the color also really helps when studying for a longer quiz or test be cause it helps me focus on each line. I use col
or coding in a very organized way (in other words: not haphazardly coloring all over my notes). I specifically take notes in an outline format so that I can isolate an individual color to each line (i.e.: I, A, 1, i…and so on and so forth).

The most important thing is that you don't over do it. Adding too much color can be highly dizzying and make the actual important notes hard to read. Adding color is supposed to be fun, but also to help you become a more efficient and organized thinker. I am all for color everywhere, but not to the point where studying becomes inefficient or distracted.

When it comes to notes and school, color-coding is not for everyone. You need to find a specific way you like to take notes and stick with it. You need to go for something that is easily read and organized as well as being quick when teachers are fast with notes. But being efficient doesn't always have to be bland and straight forward. Anyone can use color on their notes, you just have to know the right way.

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